Meet the Team

We have a long and varied experience in software development, each of us has been working for over 8 years in the industry. We have led long-term projects spanning multiple teams of developers.

Piotr Zientara is a CEO


Piotr Zientara

Marcin Hagmajer is a Tech advisor

Tech advisor

Marcin Hagmajer


Łukasz Czerwiński is a Software Architect

Software Architect

Łukasz Czerwiński


Piotr Czubak is a Tech advisor

Tech advisor

Piotr Czubak

Ex-Google Ex-Amazon

Gosia "Małgo" Plichta is a Project Manager

Project Manager

Gosia "Małgo" Plichta

Marta Błahuta is a Software tester

Software tester

Marta Błahuta

Kari Jaroszyńska is a Creative Director

Creative Director

Kari Jaroszyńska

Barry Solone is a Communications Advisor

Communications Advisor

Barry Solone

Damian Łączak is a .NET Developer

.NET Developer

Damian Łączak

Sijawusz Pur Rahnama is a Tech Consultant

Tech Consultant

Sijawusz Pur Rahnama

Security Specialist

Jakub Skałecki is a Senior Software Architect

Senior Software Architect

Jakub Skałecki

Marcin Jankowski is a Outreach Manager

Outreach Manager

Marcin Jankowski

Michał Bosak is a Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Michał Bosak

Tomasz Krystyniak is a Junior Frontend Engineer

Junior Frontend Engineer

Tomasz Krystyniak

Konrad Dziekoński is a Intern


Konrad Dziekoński

Anna Lukianova is a Junior Frontend Developer

Junior Frontend Developer

Anna Lukianova

Anna Sus is a Design Anthropologist

Design Anthropologist

Anna Sus

Ołeksandra Michałowska is a Head of administration

Head of administration

Ołeksandra Michałowska

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