Our goal is implement top software development standards across the IT industry. Whatever we do, we follow the xFAANG Guidelines - a list of best practices all our development team agrees upon.


Consulting is always a smart starter! No matter whether you need our advice// feedback// insights// recommendations one-time or cyclically, we are there for you - fully oriented at solving any issues your product (code) or software development team might encounter.

Rubber Duck Debugging

Stuck? Besides individual or team consulting we provide human interface for Rubber Duck Debugging. These are individual sessions designed with senior developers & team leaders in mind. They can involve code review, peer programming, brainstorming, issue-oriented problem-solving, or even leadership advice. Available online or in person.


We live in unique times. Software is no longer a luxury - it’s rather a commodity. And when the market is flooded with quantity, you need quality to stand out. Clients like it and users do, too. Sometimes an exhaustive audit on the state of your software and software-related areas is the best you can do.

xFAANG Masterclass

xFAANG Masterclass - tailor-made online or in-house seminars oriented at tackling particular software-related issues and sharing best practices. Ideally should follow at least one Consulting session or an Audit.

Software Development

Good ol’ Software Development services. We can implement all the recommendations from our Audits. We can rewrite apps and write them from scratch. Basically, we can do anything - shoot us with what you need. You can be 100% certain about the results - all our team works along xFAANG Guidelines, so you won’t make the same mistake twice.

xFaang hire

Oftentimes hiring an xFAANG expert full-time is the best way to boost your team and enhance the development process. 💡 Imagine: our person joins the backbone of your dev squad. Profits: hands-on consultancy, mentoring and leadership combined with passing on the best practices and solving difficult software issues. Contact us to see if we have a fit.

Areas of expertise

Audits, Consulting sessions, Masterclasses - the quality of your code production process can be reinforced in many ways. Whichever approach suits you most, you can rest assured that all crucial aspects of software development will be taken into account.

Source code, technologies used and code quality

We take a deep dive into the source code and diagnose existing and potential issues. We make sure the best coding practices are followed and that the most efficient technology is chosen for each problem.

CI/CD pipeline and the development processes

Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and the overall development process are the main focus of this area. From running pre-submit checks in your repository to rolling out new features in production, we make sure your project is robust and not hindered by technical debt.

Production environment and monitoring

This part is all about cloud setup, monitoring, alerting and reliability. We will explore whether or not your software is ready to scale and tell you how to prevent outages, set up monitoring and manage your cloud environment.


We will find exploits, investigate how the sensitive information is stored and handled: authentication processes, who has access to the production environment and what are the tools used for controlling it.

System Architecture

We take a look at the overall system architecture, performance, and communication between services. This includes topics such as identifying and eliminating single points of failure, choosing the right means of communication and cache configuration.

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