How to implement experiments at scale

We will show you some best practices from companies such as Google or Netflix and introduce you to the boundless world of experiments.

Xfaang will walk you through use-cases, real-life examples and code samples of how big tech uses experiments to implement the features their customers need without interruptions.

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Why are experiments key to scaling like big tech?

Xfaang Guidelines

  • Test in productions without disturbing your customers
  • Increase your conversion rates while avoiding down time
  • Find out what function your user actually needs

What's inside


How to manage experiments

Set up your experiments and properly measure experiment results in an unbiased way

How to test with experiments

Test work-in-progress features without causing disruption to customers


How to run overlapping experiments

Run multiple experiments in the same environment without biasing the results

How to hide experiments in plain sight

Mitigate the risk of disclosing your unfinished experiments


How to make sense of your results

Assess your experiments results and determine which changes to push to all users

A case study on experiment frameworks

Implement a simple framework and database for running experiments


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